SSDT Templates

I am not sure why Microsoft did this and you can join the angry mob here if you want to join in on the hate fest, but for some reason or another SQL Server Data Tools SSDT that you elect to install during the VS install doesn’t appear to do anything for you regarding the templates you would need in order to actually get to work. This is different behavior from the past.

In the past you would just install SSDT separately (or for VS 2008 you would use BIDS or “Business Intelligence Design Studio”) and it would just install all of the missing templates.

Where are my templates?

As it stands, as of 07/11/2017 you can install SSRS and SSAS templates, but SSIS is not available yet and you have to use VS 2015 if you need to create an SSIS package.

You can go to this query and view what is available at the moment. Currently all you will find are two VSIX packages:

This sucks, but at least the VS2015 version is far better than the VS2008 version.

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