A lot of companies that offer rebates on their items will give you back your funds as a Rebate Debit Card which is incredibly inconvenient since it only has that exact amount and it is usually a pain in the butt to use an exact amount due to taxes or overages for an item you are trying to purchase etc… One way to avoid this is to take the express option when applying for the rebate and you will get a check you can deposit, but this normally costs 1+ dollars (or a percentage of your rebate) which kind of sucks. I only select this option if my rebate is large enough that I don’t care to lose 1+ dollars, especially if they send me my check immediately.

For those of you that are super frugal (I have my moments too) and don’t even want to lose 1 dollar from your precious rebate then I have an AWESOME discovery to share. I am sure other people already know about this, but I just discovered this right now.

You can take your Rebate Debit Card and use it to purchase an Amazon gift card at cost – dollar for dollar!

How to Achieve This

  1. Take your Rebate Debit Card
  2. Go here
  3. Enter your Rebate card’s exact amount in the provided box
  4. Enter YOUR email address
  5. Make sure the delivery date is set to NOW
  6. Proceed to checkout
Congratulations you just converted your Rebate Card’s whole amount directly into an Amazon Gift card which you can now use towards ANYTHING on Amazon as a discount. Then you pay the overage of your order with another method of payment. Amazon gift cards do not expire and are not subject to fees either. Unlike your Rebate Card which is subject to fees and starts to lose its value after 6 months typically.

I’m so happy about this, I was dreading to use my Corsair 20 Dollar Rebate card and I asked an Amazon rep if I could use multiple payment options, to which they said no – but you can buy an Amazon gift card and gift it to yourself! So I bought a 20 dollar Amazon gift card at no additional fees from Amazon; it was emailed it to myself and used it on my order all within 5 minutes.

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