SOE All Access Gotcha

SOE’s Middle Finger to you – the customer (view link below)

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This post is more of a good to know for people who pay for their PlanetSide 2 account. You would think with all of the damn rewards that they offer you to be a member, they would automatically load your 500 SC directly into your account like they used to do when I first signed up, but some jaggoff (or group of jaggoffs) I am sure decided that members have to actually sign in to get their SC. That’s bullcrap as far as I am concerned. SOE apparently doesn’t care about it’s adult professional players/gamers out there because I sometimes go 3 or more months without playing any video games when I am busy working on a huge project at work. I’m lucky if I can sleep, let alone log into my PS2 account so that I can click on a “claim” button.

It wasn’t apparent to me that my SC balance hadn’t increased until after I actually had time to play again and it had been like 4 months. SOE screwed me out of 2000 SC that I PAID for because they decided to change their account policies.

This is equivalent to telling an employee that works for a company, that unless they ask for their paycheck each month, they won’t get one – even though you are signed up for direct deposit and to make matters worse you pay your employer to work there.

Therefore I have every right to point at SOE and call them a bunch of assholes for pulling this. You guys are dicks. Thanks for the so called encouragement to play more, but no thanks – I will play the goddamn game when I feel like it BECAUSE IT IS A VIDEO GAME NOT A JOB.

This is the first time I have paid for membership for a game. Granted I love playing the game, but I do not think a PAYING member should be CHASTISED and PUNISHED for not playing the game. That is a load of crap that some idiot in SOE’s business department came up with to increase profit margins. That’s dirty.