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I am well aware that there are many many many blogs out there that are far more updated than mine will ever be, but I wanted to start this blog as a way to answer some of those really really weird problems that you will only ever encounter like once… then they creep up on you again like 10 years later and you say to yourself “OMG I DID THIS BEFORE”; then you get that sinking feeling of “Oh shit where did I put that code… I don’t want to write that all over again”. Well I have been through that many times and this is my attempt to help stop it.

I did want to submit code to Code-Project, but I don’t have the time to brush up everything I come up with because usually when I come up with these posts it is at work and I came up with it on the spot for a specific problem.I am also afraid to submit things to certain sites because I fucking hate trolls. However I do like the idea of helping out one another and contributing to the community. So this is my contribution to the community.

Here are some comics that are major motivators for me, I have them printed out and pinned up in my cube:

I think someone said it best when they said, “There is no such thing as good code, just varying degrees of less bad code” or something like that. I heard him say it in a beginners class at Code Camp in Miami, FL. I sat in on the class to see what he would say to the people sitting there and I thought he did a good job.

On a side note, you will see posts about things that have nothing to do with coding because it will fall under the category of “obscure”. When it is something obscure, it will be something that baffled me to no end and once I find the solution I want to record it and share it with everyone else.

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What is a DyslexicAnaboko? Why is that your user name?

My username for a very long time used to be Maverick6799. This was when I just started using the internet and I was like 12 or something. My first email address was [email protected]. Then I got a special invite from someone to start using Gmail when I was in high school. Gmail was by invite only at the time, so I jumped on it right away. I found it increasingly difficult to keep my user name and I stopped liking it. I then decided to come up with a clever but offensive name, because at the time I was an angsty teenager trying to prove a point to people. I am very anti-censorship, I basically don’t care how lewd or offensive something is, I don’t think anyone has the right to cover it up. Some people go too far, but there is a time and a place for everything.

Anyhow, that got me up to thinking. Well I am Dyslexic… and people sometimes call me an asshole for telling them things they don’t want to hear – namely the truth. I will call myself DyslexicAsshole! When I checked Gmail, the username was taken. Darn! In retrospect I am glad – not a good name to have professionally or otherwise – stupid angsty teenager thinking. I love anime and Japanese everything so I started looking up words in a English to Japanese dictionary program. The program told me that Asshole in Japanese doesn’t exist, but people use Anaboko as slang for Asshole because Anaboko means “hole” or “hollow” in Japanese.

Ah haaa! Hence: DyslexicAnaboko became my standing username. It is unique, I never have a problem claiming it and most important of all I love the representation of it. Dyslexic[Anaboko] – Dyslexic[Asshole] – because I say shit backwards. There’s something for imgur or 4chan to animate.

In gaming and other situations people just shorten my name to:
Dyslexic or Boko

Hearing people say it is funny to me. Dyslexic wha? Ana-boo-ko? Ah fuck it – Hey Dyslexic!

Aren’t you sorry you asked now? You were innocent, aloof and ignorant. Now no more! You know the truth!