The Problem

Most developers will code well past the time where the sun goes down at work or at home. The brightness of your screen can really affect your eyes making you tired or causing eye strain. I have realized a simple trick that has improved my over all evening coding experience and I just wanted to share it. It is very simple to do and it costs nothing to do it.

This trick is especially handy when you have multiple monitors and you are not actually using them at the moment. So instead of turning them off you can use this trick.

The Trick

Create a simple HTML page that has a black background and open it on all monitors you are not using at present.

		<title>Black screen</title>
	<body style="background-color:black;">

That’s it… That’s the whole trick and it makes a world of difference by literally dimming the light of your monitor without altering settings or turning off your monitor.


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