Here are the reproduction steps for this annoying bug:

  1. You are playing Killing Floor 2
  2. You die during a round
  3. You are watching the other players while you are waiting for the round to end to join back in
  4. You click around for a bit to watch some players, but then you change your view to the free look camera
  5. After a few minutes of free look – for no apparent reason – your game locks up.
    1. You are stuck watching a single frame
    2. No motion at all
    3. Just the same ambient audio playing repeatedly
    4. Keyboard and mouse do nothing
    5. You can’t minimize the window
    6. You can’t force exit

There isn’t a fix for this that I can provide, it rest’s on the shoulders of TripWire to fix. However I can provide a work around.

Work around

Until TripWire decides to actually fix this here are a few tips to get around this:

Task manager

Luckily you can still press “CTRL + ALT + DELETE” when this happens. Just make sure that before you play another game that you have “Always on top” selected. To do this:

  1. Press “CTRL + ALT + DELETE”
  2. Select task manager
  3. Click on “Options”
  4. Check mark the “Always on top” option

This will ensure the next time you play, if the game were to crash you can kill the executable

Killing the KF2 executable

If you have multiple monitors then this work around might be more to your liking. When the game freezes up, it makes it all but impossible to reach your desktop on your main monitor. This is the cause of all the stress to this problem because it makes killing the KF2 executable that much harder.

Create a batch file named “Kill KF.bat” and place it on your secondary monitor desktop. I repeat – do not put this batch file on your primary gaming monitor’s desktop, you won’t be able to select it easily.


Taskkill /IM KFGame.exe /F


All you would have to do at this point is get your mouse over to your secondary monitor and double click on your batch file. This will immediately kill KF2 and release you from the locked state.

Hopefully this can provide some kind of relief for less tech savvy gamers.


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