If you listen to podcasts you may hear your podcaster begin, end or randomly blurt out something to the effect of, “Please leave a review for us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever your get your podcasts! It really helps the podcast!” Normally this is followed up with something like, “It’s better for us if you leave a review on Apple Podcast, but if you prefer you can use Spotify that helps us too.”

This sounds straight forward. One would imagine you simply go to the respective websites and leave a review like you would after purchasing something online.



I scoured the Spotify website for a way to leave a review. I downloaded the crappy desktop app that pummels you with ads. I installed the lackluster Android application. I could not find a way to leave a review for any of the podcasts that I follow.


Spotify doesn’t offer a way for your to review podcasts.

You can however rate podcasts. Using your phone’s application ONLY.

Wow… Thanks?

I contacted their support chat and was transferred to four different agents all of which couldn’t answer my question of “How do you review a podcast on Spotify?” I am speechless. Only one of the agents eluded to the fact that you could rate podcasts, but didn’t share how to do it or that you can only do it on your phone.

How to RATE podcasts on Spotify

  1. Install the Spotify app on your phone
  2. Login
  3. Follow your desired podcast
  4. You must listen to at least 30 seconds of an episode before you are allowed to rate it
  5. On the podcast’s main page/menu, underneath the picture/logo of the podcast, you will see the existing star rating
  6. Click on the star rating and leave your rating for the podcast as a whole.
  7. Press the submit button.
Screenshot from my phone just to show where to find the star rating.

Congratulations, you have just left a RATING for a podcast in the most obtuse and unfriendly way conceivable.

I use a superior app called Podcast Addict to listen to my podcasts. It is far more versatile than the Spotify is which is why I am even having this problem to begin with.


I still don’t know how to leave a review on Apple Podcasts and I am pretty sure it’s because I am not an iPhone user. I will keep exploring this for the sake of the podcasts that I do enjoy. I would like to help support them, but Apple makes this just as impossible as Spotify unfortunately. I was off to a bad start because it took me much too long to even locate my podcast that I wanted to review. This has been my experience with everything Apple, they really don’t care unless you are a customer because if you have their overpriced hardware then everything is supposedly available for you already in the phone or tablet. I don’t think that’s appropriate, but whatever.

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