I have reproduced this problem so it isn’t a bunch of hooey or heresy. If you are using the “Cisco IP Communicator” Virtual IP Phone and you work with IIS on the same machine you could mistakenly run into a scenario where the Virtual IP Phone hijacks port 80. This is especially a big problem if this machine is hosting an application that people are trying to hit externally (as opposed to locally IE: http://localhost/)

How does this happen?
Follow these steps to recreate the problem (or just read through them):

  1. IIS Must be running first
  2. Hit your IIS Server externally (from another computer) via IP or Computer name to verify that IIS is functioning properly. IE: or http://ComputerName/
  3. Start Cisco IP Communicator
  4. Reset IIS – (cmd: iisreset /restart)
  5. Hit your IIS Server externally again, notice this time you are looking at a Cisco Page running off of Java?
What is most interesting about this is there is no Preference or option to turn this shit off (easily), it just happens. THANKS CISCO I APPRECIATE IT. 

OMG How do I make it stop!
The good news is you can make it stop and here are the steps on how to do that:

  1. Exit out of “Cisco IP Communicator” and I don’t mean minimize, I mean close the program completely.
  2. Reset IIS
  3. Hit IIS externally again, you should see what ever it is you are hosting in IIS, congrats.
  4. Alternatively: You can just restart your computer, that should work too.
I hope Cisco has a way to avert this issue in the future. I think you have to edit the registry, but I am honestly not sure. I don’t like the idea of this program hijacking my port 80, especially in the middle of development. I work with two machines because of our setup at work; otherwise I don’t think I would have figured this out.
My setup, just for reference:
Windows 7
Visual Studio 2010

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    1. No problem – this was truly an obscure ass problem gave me such rage when I figured it out. How long were you trying to figure out what was wrong? 😀

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