I’m not an expert on this

I am not an expert on doing this, but I did it this weekend and it came out great. I did not make my Jachnun from scratch, I purchased it frozen from a kosher store and it is very good. I am just surprised at the lack of instructions on how to bake Jachnun so I am posting it here for people to find easily. Understand there are MANY ways to do this, I am saying this method worked just fine for me.

This guy sounds like an expert

This guy looks and sounds like he knows what he is doing so you can watch this video if you want instead:

I’m lazy, so this is what I did instead

I took a different route because I am lazy and don’t want to be bothered with all of the inane details of turning it into a meal which I don’t want to do. I eat Jachnun as a dessert with honey – because it is delicious and I love it.

Okay on to the steps!

  1. Get an oven safe pot that has a cover. If you have a cast iron pot or dutch oven – then AWESOME that will work. There actually is a dedicated Jachnun pot for this, but I found my enamel coated dutch oven to work beautifully.
  2. Get some butter and butter the hell out of the inside of the container. 
    1. But I want it to be parve! If you keep kosher and you want it to be parve, then use margarine instead. You should then margarine the hell out of the inside of the container instead.
  3. Unwrap the Jachnun (it is usually wrapped in plastic) and place it inside of the container. It is okay if they are touching, just make sure they are all facing the same way.
  4. Place the cover on your container
  5. Set your container on the bottom rack of your oven
  6. Set your oven’s temperature to 200 *F
  7. Let your Jachnun bake for 12 hours. That is not a typo – Twelve Hours. I’m serious.
    1. It is recommended to do this before bed so that you can wake up and take it out of the oven.
  8. After waiting 12 hours – you can take your Jachnun out of the oven
  9. You will see a pool of oil/butter – that’s okay
  10. Let your Jachnun cool, it is going to reabsorb all of that oil/butter – that’s what makes it yummy
  11. Use a pair of tongs to pick up your Jachnun
  12. Get a flat plate
  13. Place Jachnun on plate and cut it into nice chunks
  14. Get some honey and pour a dollop on your plate
  15. Dip chunk of Jachnun on plate
  16. Place in mouth
  17. Chew
  18. Have foodgasm
  19. Repeat steps 16 through 19 until you run out of Jachnun, if you run out move on to the next step
  20. Feel very sick, but happy
  21. Get on treadmill and work off the gagillion calories you just ingested 

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