The Stupid Problem (short answer below)
In my situation this turned out to be a very stupid problem that I caused myself without knowing it. I changed my default notification sound on my Android Nexus 4 and after I did that, every time the notification started, it wouldn’t stop. I thought I screwed something up in my configuration, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I started to disable this and that – nothing worked. Then I decided to change the default notification sound again just to test out a different sound…

The Stupid Solution to the Stupid Problem
It turns out that the available list of System Default Notification Sounds contains one obnoxious sound you want to stay away from which is named “Hangout”. This sound/chime/tone for some strange reason or another will play for 40 beats by my count (until my screen turned off that is) – chances are it plays indefinitely, but frankly I don’t care to find out because it is useless to me as a notification sound. So really the fix here is, don’t use that sound, use any of the others just don’t use “Hangout”.

Reiteration (Short Answer)

  • Problem – Once notification sound starts to play it won’t stop
  • Solution – If you have your system default notification sound set to “Hangout”, choose something else.

Why Google? Why?