I don’t have a good time waking up in the morning. I am usually a zombie and I grunt to communicate until my vocal cords have warmed up enough to allow me to speak. I don’t normally get a chance to eat any breakfast until I get to work. Here are three of my preferred morning breakfast foods that I prepare all in the same container… yep you guessed it – in my Mug.

Every programmer must have a Mug even if they don’t drink coffee. Programmers who don’t drink coffee are decaf programmers, and I hate decaf coffee it is terrible. There is something wrong with you all for not drinking coffee, but it is okay we can still be friends.

I have a mug, it is my most favorite mug in the whole wide world and I got it here. I love my mug because it displays how I feel and it helps me measure my breakfast.

Here are three things you can prepare in your mug:

  1. Instant Oatmeal – just add hot water
  2. Carnation Breakfast Envelopes
    – just add hot water
  3. Liquid Egg(white) Product – microwave 1 serving in your mug
I alternate between these three so I don’t go completely crazy eating the same damn thing every day. It does get a little boring even with these three, but they are all convenient at work foods. The liquid egg product obviously needs to be refrigerated and for safe measure put your name on it.
I prepare everything in my mug: breakfast, then afternoon coffee, sometimes tea and sometimes cocoa.

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