If you are getting a funky error while mounting a SATA drive to the effect of: “Dynamic Disk Invalid”

Then check out this link:

Using a hex editor you need to go to sector 0 of your problem disk, row 1C0, column 02 and change the value “42” to “07”. Save and reboot your machine. That will make your SATA volume become a basic volume. I would only recommend doing this if you plan on just pulling data from the drive and wiping it afterwards or if you just don’t care what happens to the drive afterwards.

The software you need to do this is called HxD you can get it here.

Make sure that when you are editing your disk via the Hex Editor that you don’t open the drive as Read Only, otherwise as expected you won’t be able to change jack.

Please keep in mind that if you follow these instructions you do so at your own risk. I can’t guarantee anything. I can however say, it worked for me.
Hope this helps anyone who was looking for it.

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