I love how I have to search too much to find simple information, one liners, it is just like in College where my college course book would be about 100,000,000,000 pages long and really it says absolutely nothing. The damn book could be condensed down to about 1/10th of it’s size and be more useful. In other words a lot of people out there that write articles about how to do something TALK TOO MUCH just get to the fucking point.

How to get the DataBase size and other Info

How to get an Individual Table’s size and other Info

How to get All Tables’ sizes and other Info

The idea of the above is that the SP “sp_MSforeachtable” will execute another SP for all tables in the DataBase. The downside is that it will also return each result in its own result set. In .Net terms that translates into a DataSet, so I took that point and wrote a powershell script to iterate through all that stuff and dump all of the rows into a single table and then into a CSV file…

How to export this data to a single data result and CSV

BAM Straight to the point, that’s how you do it!

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