My Ass Hurts

Are you looking for a new office chair because you hate how the one you sit in now hurts your ass after about 4 hours because the spongy crap they use in the chair is completely flattened out and is useless after about 6 months? Yeah me too!

My Ass No Longer Hurts

That’s why I just spent too much money on an awesome office chair I use at work. My office chair doesn’t have a cushion, it uses bungee cords to suspend my rear and my back.

I highly super strongly recommend this chair: (Euro Style Link:

UPDATE 2013.06.07

You can get this chair much much cheaper on Amazon – search for CB2 Bungee Chair, I bought another chair for me at work for $177. The company that manufacturers this chair is named Euro Style. Here is an example on Amazon.

CB2 Studio Office Chair

Two Hundred Dollars?!

Trust me it is worth the 200 bucks you are going to spend on it. I kid you not, I usually refuse to spend more than 25-50 dollars tops on an office chair, but the cheaper chairs all have the same problem, nice sturdy frame, but they are all usually very uncomfortable to sit in for about 10 hours.

Why do you sit in your chair for 10 hours? Are you crazy?

Why yes, I am crazy, I am what is called a programmer or developer and we are crazy. We sit for a living and we only use the muscles in our fingers and eyes for 8-20+ hours at a time non stop. Our brains fizzle out from time to time which is why it is nice to have a nice chair to sit on while we go into our brain dead states as we sip coffee. All joking aside, this chair rocks – it feels like you are sitting on nothing for the most part.

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