This is the first post and I am going to just gloss over why I am creating this site. I am creating it to share things I find while I am developing other things. I like finding really obscure issues and just making people aware that they exist. I do not consider myself an authority on code, so please don’t think everything I am saying is fact, just offering stuff for people to look at and maybe solve their problems too.

That being said there will probably be spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and other issues, but this site is not for philosophy of coding practices (I might contradict that later) it is for reference (right now) to just log things I find as I am working through out the day.

I have a lot of content I want to share and there are sites I would like to contribute to such as and other sites, but I don’t have the time to go through the approval process at the moment. I will polish what I did later and possibly re post certain things I have here on


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