I have a dust-mite allergy and I am not sure if you have noticed, but no matter where you go you will find dust and therefore you will find dust-mites living in it. Their excrement is what causes the allergy believe it or not. Anyhow I used a few products to help me not suffocate to death on bad allergy days.

I don’t know if it is not recommended and honestly I don’t care to find out either because it works so well for me. If you are like me, there are days where you can’t breath at all, it is very unpleasant and just overall miserable. I usually take Claritin-D because it has Loratadine and psudophedrine sulfate in a nice little slow release pill. When I am not having a problem with allergies and it is just my body trying to kill me by lack of oxygen or swollen air ways in my nose I take Sudafed or any generic version of psudophedrine sulfate.

However, if I am having a very bad allergy day where the sudafed or the claritin-D by itself is not enough, then I take the pill on a near empty stomach with a cup of coffee. That makes it work extra extra extra well. Is it recommended? I don’t know and again I don’t care because when I can’t breath I will do anything to help me not feel like I am being affixiated. Oh – don’t stick straws up your nose, it hurts a lot. Desperation will make you do some amazing things.