A long time ago back around the middle and towards the end of 2012 I decided to create a console application that would help me get very mundane repetitive work out of the way. I dubbed it the “Simple Class Creator” – it would simply take a query or table name and turn it into a concrete class. Nothing more, nothing less. I tried submitting my code and article to Code Project, but it was rejected for being too awesome to handle. I went on to just ignore the Code Project administrators and do my own thing as I usually do. I published my code to code.google.com (update 11/14/2015, moved to github.com), but I haven’t updated the SVN repository in a very long time. I finally got around to it now.


New Link for code: https://github.com/dyslexicanaboko/dyslexic-code/tree/master/SimpleClassCreator

Simple Class Creator

I have updated the Simple Class Creator tremendously. It looks nothing like it used to and I gave it a GUI written in WPF. I made it as flexible as possible, but it still needs work obviously. I only work on it when I get a chance to – usually out of need. However my offer still stands – if anyone needs a tool like what I am providing by all means have at it. The code is out there, do whatever you want with it.
I want to update it more to remove some of the stub code, but like I said before I just haven’t had a chance.

DTO Generator

I ran into an annoying problem recently where I found myself having to write Data Transfer Objects (DTO) by hand. This, just like the Simple Class Creator, was a feature I created to avoid mundane repetitive fruitless work which could be super time consuming at times. Especially if you have a class with over 100 properties in it. So just like everything else in my career, when I don’t like something, I fix it. I tried using AutoMapper, but the performance hit was huuuuuuge and it didn’t generate DTOs for me, which is what I really needed. So nothing against AutoMapper which is a great tool, but it just wouldn’t work for me speed wise.
The code is far from finished, but the core concept is indeed finished and works very well. Simply put, you provide a target dll, you provide the fully qualified path to the class that you want to generate a DTO for and hit the Generate button.

What license are you using?

I am using a standard issue IDGAFF Copy Left CPOL FUintheA license. So in other words, I could care less. If you want to use my code, go ahead, but please cite me at the very least so I get some credit.

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