05/25/2014 UPDATE: I moved the code to a different project. I have made a number of changes since 2012.

I posted an article on code project http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/379689/Simple-Class-Creator concerning code generation.** This is code that is targeted at people who don’t have the luxury of using an ORM. I rarely get to use any type of ORM because I always seem to be working on legacy code or someone else’s old design. The patterns I use the most are the DAO (Data Access Objects) or DAL pattern for data access. Really I have 3 basic layers I usually work with, the Presentation Layer, the Business Layer and the Data Access Layer (DAL).

The idea behind this code is to simply allow a user to create the basics of a class, private members and public properties as a plain old flat simple object.

09/29/2012 – Coming Soon – I will have a release version of this code available for use. I will provide the source code on google code. Here is the URI: https://github.com/dyslexicanaboko/dyslexic-code/tree/master/SimpleClassCreator

**Code Project Administrators took down my post for what they considered good reasons. Essentially if you want to be able to post to Code Project you must write a dissertation. One more reason for me to have my own blog – autonomy and a minor resemblance of freedom. Plain and simple I don’t have the time to put into the article that they wanted me to put into it. I find Code Project to be very useful for what I have found on it, but like I told them, I only actually read the articles about 10% of the time. If you are a busy, working, developer and you need answers ASAP – you will sift through the fluff/bullshit and look at the code immediately. If you don’t get it, then you read the article, 90% of the time this isn’t a problem for me. I like to get straight to the point.

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