So I was dusting off some old equipment and going through boxes of old crap and I found 6 IDE hard drives that brought back memories. I plugged each one into a USB to IDE adapter and checked them out for functionality and to look at old files. I found this one drive in particular that reminded me of those nights where everyone was asleep and it was just me and my rig chugging away at work or just browsing the net learning stuff. The sound this thing made was very memorable, not a pleasant sound, but still nostalgia set in as it took me back 8+ years to when computers were very slow and clunky.

The drive is a 2GB drive, the smallest drive I have is a 212 MB drive which is comparable in size to this 2GB drive, but not sound. I just thought this would be fun to share with people who understand what it is to have worked with computers through the years.

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