Surprise Surprise

Wow, another problem with the Surface Pro 2? No way! Never happens! 
The most recent windows update on 10/20/2015 has completely decimated the network adapaters and wireless drivers on the Surface Pro 2. This is probably the most irresponsible update they have released yet. I thought we had all of these problems behind us, but I guess not, some jack ass at Microsoft didn’t QA the most recent Windows 10 updates and it has made the Surface Pro 2 forget that it even has a network adapter all together.

The cruddy fix

The only fix I found for reversing the stupidity that was installed during the Windows 10 update was to rollback the windows updates by using a system restore point. Lo and behold, the drivers are magically reinstalled and I have my goddamn network adapters back – wow! Who would have thought this was due to another foul up on Microsoft’s part?

Goodbye Surface Pro 2

This is seriously disappointing and I am probably going to replace my surface with something more RELIABLE. One thing is for sure, I will not be purchasing another Microsoft hardware product until they show the same level of maturity and stability that an Android or even an Apple device shows (it pains me to write those words). This is totally unacceptable as all it does put a bad taste in consumer’s mouths each time they are faced with something that shouldn’t happen to begin with!

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