This is a rant. For the solution skip to the next section
So yeah… I don’t know about you all out there in dev land, but I have been running into non-stop issues with Visual Studio 2012… Frankly I like Visual Studio 2010 better because it works and is easier to use in my opinion. I keep running into really ugly problems with Visual Studio 2012 that are show stopping problems; as in I cannot get work done. These problems include working with WPF applications, sometimes the IDE just doesn’t feel like running the project… it just sits there no matter how many times you press the play button… gee… thanks? 
The Problem
Today’s problems are (starting to sound like a 95′ Ford) that the IDE crashes with the above screen shot when… 
  • …I attach to process for IIS
  • …press the play button to launch IISExpress
  • …(and) ultimately starts crashing outright when starting up the IDE
There is already a ticket open for Microsoft support desk, you can view it here.
The Work Around (No Fix Yet)
As many things with Visual Studio… when nothing makes sense anymore START OVER. So by this time you probably have restarted your computer, reset IIS and done all kinds of other stuff you didn’t want to do. In my experience of working with visual studio since Visual Studio 2003 moving forward, I have learned one important lesson: when your solution has gone renegade or wonky – DELETE IT.
  1. Close your solution if it is still open 
  2. So before you delete your solution, you can try to delete your solution’s suo file. The suo file is hidden, so you need to enable the visibility of hidden files.
  3. If that didn’t work, then create a brand new solution file.
I tried both options and both have worked for me.
Dear Microsoft – IE10 is a disappoinment for developers (I am still on IE9 because of the bugs in IE10) and Visual Studio 2012 half works. Please fix the tools I have to use every day. Thank you. 

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