What do I do now?
So I actually did some head scratching after rooting my LG C800 T-Mobile myTouch Q, wasn’t really sure what to do. Luckily I found some great posts on what to do that I mentioned in my previous post which sort of got me going. Below I will discuss what I did and provide a list of applications that I Froze or Uninstalled. You can read this article as well, since this is the first thing I read when this question came up.
I’ve Rooted my Phone now what? What do I Gain from Rooting?

First a Word of Caution…
Don’t uninstall or freeze something if you have some serious doubts about what it actually does. Here is how I determined if I was going to Freeze something or not. I asked myself the following:

“Is this an app I have used before or recognize as being bloatware?”

  • If yes then I backed it up and either froze or uninstalled it.
  • If no then I would open the app to see what it was and if it was harmless then I backed it up and uninstalled it. If it was something potentially crucial then I backed it up and froze it.
You want to tread carefully, again if you have any doubts about something that looks very important, then leave it alone or back it up and freeze it, do not uninstall it.
Programs you will Probably Want to Investigate/Install

Super User

After rooting your phone Super User is already installed. You can upgrade to the elite version for $3.00, I did this because I was curious and I feel like I owe them $3.00 for the service that they have provided. Thank’s to ChainsDD

Titanium Backup Pro
This program is going to do all of the, as I like to refer to it, the “unfucking” of your phone. It is a great application that will basically allow you to remove or freeze all of the bloatware that is on your phone. It is kind of like opening up msconfig in windows and stopping services and programs from starting, except you can do it on the fly (usually). This program is well worth the money, I say just buy it straight out because you will use it repeatedly. You cannot use this program unless you have rooted your phone because it requires su (super user) access.

Android System Info
This app is fantastic, it shows you all of your current processes. Emphasis on ALL. The stock application manager does not show you jack in comparison, so if you are having a funky problem with your phone, like I am having currently with a random 100% CPU problem for hours at a time, then you want to check this application out. It has a log feature that lets you read the system logs so you can find those culprit processes and try to fix the problem. Found this application mentioned here. Unfortunately the solution mentioned there did not help me, but it might help others, give it a gander.

Usage Timelines Pro
I haven’t found a reason to upgrade to pro yet, but this application is essentially a reduced version of Android System Info, except that it has a graphical display of your CPU usage which I find very handy to know when my phone is being stupid. It does not do the same job as Android System Info to display all running processes, it shows you the same thing that your stock application manager shows you which doesn’t help much.

What I recommend you should back up and Freeze or Uninstall

  • Please, do not uninstall or freeze any core LG packages. They look like com.lge.*, I couldn’t tell you what would happen. I was tempted to freeze a few named com.logmein.*, but again, not sure what that would do to my phone, so I held off.
  • MAKE A BACKUP FIRST of anything you plan on freezing or especially uninstalling
  • I don’t know what to do if you freeze or uninstall the wrong thing, just know that, so tread carefully
The T-Mobile Bloatware Shit List (Thank’s T-Mobile!)
Most of these are T-Mobile stock apps. The Google+ app isn’t obviously, but it was annoying the crap out of me because it would auto start and just sit there and spin for no good reason. I don’t like social sites, except twitter which is why you don’t see it on the list. That is a personal preference of mine only obviously.

App Name Operation Notes
411 & More Frozen Stock T-Mobile app for 411… no
Backup Frozen Stock T-Mobile app for backup…
no thanks.
CMAS Frozen Stock app for Amber Alerts? Wtf?
Dragon Dictation Frozen This is for your Genius button
to work, make sure to read the section below about this.**
Genius Button Frozen This is for your Genius button
to work, make sure to read the section below about this.**
Google+ Frozen This program likes to run for no
reason and uses 25MB of memory!
Mobile Life Frozen Stock T-Mobile app I will never
Mobile Life Family Organizer Frozen Stock T-Mobile app I will never
More for Me Frozen Stock T-Mobile app I will never
SmartShare Frozen Stock T-Mobile app I will never
Social+ Frozen Stock T-Mobile app I will never
T-Mobile Mall Frozen I have the Android Market, why
the hell would I want this?
T-Mobile Name ID Frozen Stock T-Mobile app you have to
pay to use?
T-Mobile TV Frozen Stock T-Mobile app… No thanks, I
have Netflix
TeleNav Frozen Stock T-Mobile app… No thanks, I
have Google Navigation
Yelp Uninstall No interest
Zinio Uninstall No interest
Bejeweled Uninstall Game demo, if I want it I will
download it
Bonus Apps Uninstall Stock T-Mobile app… more
Facebook Uninstall If I want this I will download
it… I don’t want it
Lookout Uninstall Antivirus program, again if I
want it I will download it
Slacker Uninstall No interest
Tetris Uninstall Game demo, if I want it I will
download it
**Genius Button Warning!

I was very adverse to using this thing because it would crash my phone while I was using it or like 2 hours later, so I got good at not pressing the soft button. That being said, if you freeze this app, if you press the button or long press the button it will CRASH YOUR PHONE and then reboot itself. Ha! So the functionality hasn’t changed you see! SO DON’T PRESS THE BUTTON IF YOU FREEZE IT.

Now, if that is too much for you to handle, then you need to find a different solution. I hate that damn button so I would rather my phone crash immediately rather than that stupid death sentence of a program start up and slowly crash my phone for me like terminal cancer.

There are ways to re-route your Genius Button, but I haven’t figured it out yet. You can check these links out:
I hope this was useful for anyone looking for it. This rooting stuff is some serious business…

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